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LNI has come a long way. Read about who we are...

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LNI 2011

A Premier sporting event held in the Lakota country of South Dakota

Meet the teams for this years competition

Here are the teams for the 2012. See who are going to be competing in the LNI Basketball Tournament

Why was LNI started?

Learn the history of LNI. Who were the skakers and movers of LNI? Click here for more...

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Grand Entry

This is a picture of all the partispates in LNI Competitions...

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Lakota Nation Invitational Basketball Tournament
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About Us

In the Beginning:

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Board of Directores Bio:


DIRECTOR Bryan V. Brewer Sr.
P.O.Box 42
Pine Ridge SD 57770

PRESIDENT Chuck Wilson
Todd County High School
PO Box 726
Mission, SD 57555
Office 605-856-3503
Cell 605-685-4551

Vice President Jess Mendoza
Cheyenne Eagle Butte School
PO Box 86
Eagle Butte, SD 57625
office 605-365-6334

Treasurer Robert Brave Heart Sr,
Red Cloud Indian School
100 Mission Drive
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
office 605-867-5888 ext 201
cell 605-685-4222
Cell 605-685-4551

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